About Us

Hi and welcome to our site. We specialize in creating village display platforms for Lemax villages and Department 56 village pieces. All of our platforms are hand-crafted and designed to enhance your village collection giving it a more life like look and feel. From hand carved detailed cobblestone paths to rock walls and waterfalls we love for you to stop using old books and boxes for your village displays! Checkout our new additions for 2013.

How We Started

We bought our first Lemax Spooky Town building back in 2000 and we were instantly hooked. A couple years later our collectiong started to grow and so did the amount of space we need to setup our display. Like everyone else we used books, boxes, cd cases and table cloths to create our village layouts. That’s when we started looking at other options to give us more control on how we displayed our village. We soon found that using foam was a great solution for us. Cutting the foam gave us way more control on how we wanted our village pieces layed out and also saved some space. We didn’t have to find that perfect box size or book anymore. We then took it a step further and started carving the foam to create cobblestone paths, stairs, rock clifs and hills. We were so happy with the way our new village display turned out and the depth, detail and realism it added to the overall look we got hooked on something else creating custom village display platforms.

We are currently working on creating display bases and platforms for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

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